Here's a collection of articles written by Bernadette for leading publications, along with media appearances in podcasts and on radio shows. 

From TAFE to Tech
In this interview with NETT Magazine, Bernadette reveals how she started her online business - where the idea came from,[...]
Get down to business
f you like the thought of working from home, having more freedom and making money while you sleep, then consider[...]
7 questions you should ask before building an online business
The big disruptors know something most don’t. They know that if the goal is to create a seriously disruptive business,[...]
The secret to starting a successful start-up
One of the great things about being on the judging panel for an online business award is you get access[...]
Easy ways to make money in your PJs
In this article written for New Idea, I revealed the easiest ways to make money in your PJs. It's one[...]
Build a super successful online business
Chatting to Gary and Darren on The Mojo Radio Show, they picked my brain about the entrepreneurial mindset needed to[...]