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Storytelling for Business

In a ‘white noise’ world, how do you get people to pay attention and listen? Storytelling is the key. Don’t ply people with facts. Seduce them with a story. It’s easier than you think.


Facts tell, stories sell. Everyone knows it but telling a compelling story is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to most.

The good news is, it can be learnt. From 3-minute farewell speech to Sally in HR to full-blown product launches, investor briefings or tender bids, knowing how to tell a structured business story will have your audience sitting up, paying attention and hanging off your every word is worth its weight in gold. The result? Influence. And who doesn’t want that?

You’ll learn how to:
  • Use the 6-step ‘storytelling’ structure that can turn any anecdote into a powerful moral tale
  • Connect your business objective to the stories you tell so that your stories directly influence the corporate bottom line
  • Create a ‘library’ of useful stories that can be repurposed, adapted and amended to suit multiple purposes and audiences
  • How to deliver the stories using pace, rhythm, tone and stage craft that will emotionally impact the audience and increase your influence
  • Tell a compelling story in words that cuts through the ‘reasoning’ brain and connects with the ‘emotional’ brain
  • Use props, trigger phrases, powerful openings, statistics, cultural references and other clever devices to tell compelling stories that makes people hang off your every word
  • Use the Preparation Process template to write presentations on the fly and yet still deliver a top-flight performance

In this presentation, Bernadette provides delegates with the templates, structures, tips and techniques that will help them become consummate storytellers. She reveals the Heroes Journey process that underpins all the top Hollywood blockbuster movies and shows how every business can use the same structure to tell business stories that connect.



"Thank you so much, our delegates just loved Bernadette’s session!  Rated as the best speaker of the conference, Bernadette was able to provide education in an engaging and entertaining way.  She delivered beyond our expectations.  Thank you’.
sharon Lameris, Education & Policy Manager,  Strata Community Australia

‘Thank you for your motivating keynote presentations for the De Lorenzo Roadshow – the attendees are still singing your praises! You are a dynamic professional whose passion is second to none. We would certainly recommend you as a speaker for any organisation."
Melinda Mason,  Loyalty Program Manager, De Lorenzo

‘Thank you so much for sharing your perspectives and insights with us at the recent event at KPMG. Your insights and learnings were VERY well received by the audience, and as you might have noticed, the theatre in Melbourne was at full capacity! Thank you for a refreshing, entertaining and unique talk!’
Kris Larsen, Senior Manager, Business Innovation, KPMG

‘It is with pleasure that I recommend Bernadette Schwerdt. Bernadette is a subject matter expert that backs up her sessions with a really engaging and powerful presentation style. From the initial briefing right through to the post-conference follow up, Bernadette is a delight to work with and a true professional. I have no doubt that we will be working with Bernadette again in the near future."
Leah Hitchings, Brand & Communications Manager, AMP/Hillross