Motivational keynotes on marketing,
small business and storytelling.

  Watch Bernadette's videos and read her testimonials to discover why conference planners and delegates regularly rate her as the 'highlight of the conference.'

Here's a summary of her topics: 

Topic 1

ignite your influence: the art of personal branding for smeS AND LEADERS

Discover the strategies to crafting a global personal brand that not only captures attention but also fosters lasting connections and business opportunities.  It’s never been more important to stand out and showcase your authentic voice. This keynote will show you how.

Topic 2

creative courage: fostering an intrapreneurial culture for success

Join Bernadette in this compelling keynote as she unveils the strategies used by top companies to cultivate an 'intrapreneurial' culture. Discover how leading companies help their teams unlock the creative courage and unique talents of their team to help drive collective success, bolster loyalty, retain loyal staff and increase profits.

Topic 3

the business of storytelling: telling strategic stories that connect

In this dynamic and compelling keynote, Bernadette will share the 6-step process for telling great stories, and demonstrate a quick and easy process for turning fact-based data into compelling, captivating and convincing stories that generate action and engagement. 

Topic 4

pitch perfect: master the art of persuasive presenting

Unlock the secrets to building visibility and standing out in a crowd. Discover your authentic voice, your ‘true north’ values and leverage them to shape your unique leadership brand.

Topic 5

ai-powered content mastery: crafting captivating content that converts

Bernadette, an Australian expert in AI/ChatGPT-driven content creation for profitable results, understands the pivotal role of powerful communication in business success. Join her to uncover secrets for effective sales and content writing that ensure your business stays competitive.

Topic 6

Copywriting for Profit

In a world where content is king, it pays to know how to write well. Learn the basics of writing great headlines for websites, emailers, social and direct mail and watch your conversion rates soar.

Topic 7

Online Marketing for SMEs and Startups

Online marketing can propel your business to unprecedented success – if only you knew what ‘digital marketing’ meant! Get the 101 basics guide to making digital marketing work for your business.

Topic 8

How to Build an Online Business

You’ve got a crazy idea, a hobby, a business or special skill.
You want to take it online, and you want to it be a money-making success. But what do you do next?

Topic 9

MC and Panel Facilitator

Need a polished, professional and personable MC or facilitator for your next conference? Look no further. The proof is in the pudding – read the testimonials and see what clients say.


"The calibre of guest speakers which Toyota Australia provide at their dealer training courses has always been high, but they went to a totally new level by using Bernadette Schwerdt. I’m not someone who often gives a 10 out of 10 – and I won’t now. Bernadette was 12/10. Best I’ve seen. Had the whole room laughing."
Tania Hall, Marketing Manager, Toyota, Jarvis Cars

"This is the best session I've been to in ages. Bernadette was knowledgeable, approachable, well prepared and great to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
Kelly Holcroft, Project Officer - Funds Executives Association Ltd

"Brilliant! I can take tools, techniques and templates straight back to the office and use immediately."
Josie Gruber, Events Manager - Australian Dental Association (NSW)

"Bernadette was an amazing presenter. Her preparation for the events was flawless. She was well-researched and prepared both for the different audiences and for the industry. It was really rewarding working with such a professional keynote speaker and seeing it pay off at the actual events. I would highly recommend Bernadette for keynote speaking especially around Presenting with Influence.
Karen Goldsmith, General Manager – Strategy, Stakeholder Relations, Operations, Events, Women in Print Association


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