Here's what people say about Bernadette Schwerdt - professional speaker, MC and trainer

Testimonials for Bernadette 's keynote speeches and MC services:

"The calibre of guest speakers which Toyota Australia provide at their dealer training courses has always been high, but they went to a totally new level by using Bernadette Schwerdt. I’m not someone who often gives a 10 out of 10 – and I won’t now. Bernadette was 12/10. Best I’ve seen. Had the whole room laughing."

Tania Hall, Toyota Marketing Dealers Conference

"I attended a training day lead by Bernadette prior to a keynote speaking event recently. I have alway been a nervous speaker, because of my poor preparation, and lack of understanding how to structure and deliver a public speaking event. After one day with Bernadette I was confident and had the tools to prepare and deliver with confidence. I am now using the structure and tools I learnt from Bernadette in Business presentations, sales, and team building. It’s all about the structure and delivery! Thanks again Bernadette."

Nicholas Kerr, Executive Director, Farm Foods

"Bernadette was so easy and comfortable to work with! She has helped me to organise my speaking style, into an easy to follow formula. I gained the comfort and the tools to use my speaking nerves to my advantage. Invaluable assets added to my speaking toolbox! Thank you so much Bernadette!"

Vanessa Katsanevakis

"Bernadette ran a full-day content writing course for the media, content and communications teams at VU - the event was terrific with amazing feedback from everyone who attended! Content was specialised to those working in the university marketing space and it was evident that Bernadette had taken the time to familiarise herself with our product and KSPs as well as analyse the successes and failures of our current approaches. It's this kind of dedication to detail that really sets Bernadette apart as a trainer and makes her courses so valuable to a diverse range of industries. Highly recommended!"

Maya Linden, Victoria University

"Bernadette was MC at the tenth anniversary of our Women in Business Luncheon this year where we had 521 guests attend at The Australian Events Centre, Essendon Fields. Magda Szubanski was our guest speaker. We had a record attendance for the event. Bernadette did an excellent job in engaging with the audience and was most entertaining with a lovely blend of humour and important information throughout the event. Thanks to Bernadette's professionalism the event ran to schedule. I can highly recommend Bernadette for any future speaking engagements."

Craig Skelton, Community Partnerships & Sponsorship Coordinator at Moonee Valley City Council

"We engaged Bernadette to be the event MC at the Venture Melton Business Summit 2018 which was Council's hallmark business event for the year with over 200 guests. From first point of contact through planning and then delivery of the event on the day, I found Bernadette to be extremely professional, well organised, flexible, and above all else, a lovely person to deal with. Indeed, the inclusion of a short key-note presentation from Bernadette on the speaking schedule for the day was one of the more memorable sessions for the day. Bernadette's ability to take ownership of the running sheet, adjust times as required and keep the day flowing smoothly was much appreciated. I highly recommend Bernadette for MC and/or speaking roles."

Bruce Marshall, Coordinator Economic Development & Tourism, Melton City Council

"It was a pleasure to have Bernadette MC’ing the 2018 Venture Melton Business Summit event. Bernadette addressed our brief with ease and confidence and is highly skilled in her delivery. I would gladly call upon Bernadette again and can recommend her highly."

Christine Sita, Business and Industry Development Officer, Melton City Council

"ICN engaged Bernadette as our MC for the 2017 Manufacturing Showcase event which attracted 426 participants from Industry. Bernadette did an outstanding job, a mixture of informal and formal communication, highly professional and engaging. A great choice for MC and highly recommended looking for a talented MC."

Don Matthews, Executive Director at Industry Capability Network (ICN), Victoria

"Bernadette Schwerdt was the chair of the Associations Forum National Conference in 2016. We appreciated her thoughtful research and efforts to understand our organisation, and the professionalism that she bought to her role. Bernadette has an approachable, engaging and lively style which was well received by delegates and the organisers alike."

John Peacock, Associations Forum

"‘Bernadette’s detailed preparation, attention to detail and genuinely personable presentation skills meant that both our panelists and audience at Disrupters were fully engaged and comfortable throughout the event. She worked with my team to ensure a seamless transition from individual interviews to panel discussion to the audience Q & A and was professional and warm in her dealings with everyone. She also ensured the event stayed on schedule without ever appearing to rush and took time to network with guests at the close of formalities. Highly recommended!"

Amanda Pepe, Publisher, Solstice Media

"Thank you for your motivating keynote presentations for our annual roadshow – the attendees are still singing your praises! You are a dynamic professional whose passion is second to none. It was such a great pleasure working with you."

Melinda Mason, Loyalty Program Manager, De Lorenzo

"Thank you so much for sharing your perspectives and insights with us. Your insights and learnings were VERY well received by the audience! You delivered a refreshing, entertaining and unique talk!"

Kris Larsen, Senior Manager, Business Innovation, KPMG

"Bernadette is a subject matter expert that backs up her sessions with a really engaging and powerful presentation style.  Bernadette is a delight to work with and a true professional. I have no doubt that we will be working with Bernadette again in the near future "

Leah Hitchings, Brand & Communications Manager – AMP/Hillross

"Thank you again for helping our team overcome the fear of presenting and being able to articulate the features and benefits of what we do. The feedback I have received from all our staff can only be described as glowing"

Tamatha Harding, Acting CEO – Tennis Australia

"Bernadette blew us away with her knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm for her topic. It was a genuine turning point for my students. I hope I can convince Bernadette to keep coming back, year after year, to work her magic again "

Lorna Hendry, Lecturer, School of Media and Communication, RMIT University

"This is the best session I've been to in ages. Bernadette was knowledgeable, approachable, well prepared and great to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Kelly Holcroft, Project Officer - Funds Executives Association Ltd

"As I have only recently launched on to the public speaking circuit I have required significant counsel and mentoring. Bernadette Schwerdt has proven to be an absolute god send. She is consistent and extremely professional in her approach, taking the time to address my key concerns. Recently I was asked to deliver a Ted talk. Without Bernadette’s clarity and direction, there is no way I could have achieved the outcome I so desired. She is sound across all areas of the speaking world and is an asset to anyone wanting to succeed in this field."

Jules Allen, Motivational Speaker

"On behalf of all of us, thank you so much for sharing your perspectives and insights with us at the recent TEDx event at KPMG in Melbourne. Your insights and learnings were VERY well received by the audience, and as you might have noticed, the theatre in Melbourne was at full capacity with live video streaming to our interstate offices (including Sydney, Parramatta, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Hobart and Launceston). For us at KPMG, hosting a TEDx event is all about inspiring our people through the perspectives of wonderful people like yourself. In the words of TED, it is all about “ideas worth spreading” and you certainly brought that to us on Friday with a refreshing, entertaining and unique talk!"

Kris Larsen, Senior Manager, Business Innovation, KPMG

"Bernadette had my students engaged from start to finish – not a feat easy to achieve with Gen Ys. She was clear and concise and was able to answer all the questions that came her way. I wish they would respond to me in the same way."

Nicolas Brasch, Swinburne University, Writers in Residence Pty Ltd

"Thank you for your motivating keynote presentations for the De Lorenzo ASPYA Roadshow 2016 – the attendees are still singing your praises! You are a dynamic professional whose passion is second to none. You understood our requirements and the messages from your presentation resonated well with the attendees. You delivered what you promised and did it in a way that the attendees totally understood. We would certainly recommend you as a speaker for any organisation – you have an amazing array of topics and talents to share. It was such a great pleasure working with you."

Melinda Mason, Loyalty Program Manager, De Lorenzo

"Thank you for your engaging presentation last week as a part of Business Week, it was a great event to kick of the week and we have received fantastic feedback about your presentation. It was a pleasure working with you and Monique in the lead up to this event, and I hope you would consider presenting at future events if the opportunity was to arise."

Natalie Schetzer, Acting Business Marketing Communications Officer, Whitehorse City Council

"The event was excellent with Bernadette's energy and enthusiasm being a standout. It was a great opportunity to reflect and hone my skills."

Matt Hemming, Partner, MItchell Brandtman 

"This excellent event was useful to identify my bad habits and improve audience engagement. It was great to do an individual presentation with Bernadette and receive group feedback."

Alan Tan, Quantity Surveyor, MItchell Brandtman 

"This event was very useful for all levels of experience - it was excellent. I loved the casual approach with easy ideas to implement. It felt like a safe environment for all participants to learn how to present more confidentially."

Darryl Bird, Director/Partner, MItchell Brandtman 

"The event was excellent to help me understand the bases in my presentation process. Bernadette helped to break down the fundamentals to build it back up into some the audience would relate to."

Steve Vons, Quantity Surveyor, MItchell Brandtman 

"One of the best workshops I have ever been to!"

Yasmeen Ali, Lease Management Executive - Coles

"Brilliant! I can take tools, techniques and templates straight back to the office and use immediately."

Josie Gruber, Events Manager - Australian Dental Association (NSW)

"As daunting as it is, workshopping the content prepared with Bernadette was the most enjoyable part of the workshop. This workshop was helpful in understanding my presenting style and what tools I can use to improve my presence and influence."

Lauren Grusauskas

"This workshop was instrumental in helping me come out of my shell and instill confidence in my audience."

Pradeep Paramasizan

"The most enjoyable thing about this workshop was the tips and tricks on how to settle your nerves prior to presenting, the importance of preparation and the projection of your voice. This workshop was empowering."

Fleur Philip 

"This workshop was great in giving me the confidence to be abe to improve on my ability to influence others. I enjoyed identifying my quirks and understanding that presenting is a skill that we all can develop and improve."

Vincent Lau

"This workshop was amazing and I got feedback I wished I was given years ago. The most enjoyable part was Bernadette's constructive feedback on how your presentation is perceived and how to improve it. There is no other way you could get this feedback."

Lynda Morrison

"This workshop was very helpful in unlocking the secrets of perfecting public speaking."

John O'Callaghan

"Bernadette provided down to earth examples on what was possible."

John Beecroft

"This seminar was most insightful and provided some ideas that could be followed up on for my business."

Debra Nellessen, Mineral Medics

"Inspirational presentation by Bernadette Schwerdt."

John Perera, Digital Wiz

"Opened my eyes to what can be done with small business ventures."

Ian Rennison

"A really useful morning and one I can share with my clients."

Kate Griel, Head Start Communications

Testimonials for Bernadette 's training courses and mentoring services:

"I had the pleasure of being coached by Bernadette in how to be a confident public speaker. During 3 x 2 hour sessions, Bernadette skillfully coached me through content development; how to speak so that people listen; managing nerves and performance anxiety; moderating voice and pace; stagecraft; and how to weave in storytelling so that I could connect with, rather than lecture to, my audience. The result - my 50 minute keynote to an audience of more than 150 people and my panel facilitation to the same audience received rave reviews. And I felt confident on stage. Thank you Bernadette."

Kirsty Harvison, General Counsel 

"Bernadette catapaulted my speaking skills and material to another level and really helped honed my presentation for my audiences. I had done a lot of speaking and media over the years, but I hadn't realised how much I still had to learn until we spent some one on one time together and I gained so much from the experience. Would wholeheartedly recommend her if you are looking to lift your game as a speaker!"

Dr Tammie Matson, Conservationist, Author, Adventurer

"I've recently completed a copywriting course with Bernadette. Her depth of knowledge and constantly encouraging engagement with the students was really inspiring. I found her to be very generous with her time and shared a lot of insightful analysis of the work we were submitting. I would recommend Bernadette to anyone interested in the subject unreservedly."

Mark McKellar-Harding, Lead TX Scheduler

"One of the best workshops I've attended. Loved the energy and techniques that Bernadette provided."

Jyothi Regan, Head of Finance & Analysis, AMP Capital 

"Excellent and a must for any professional because it arms you with insights, techniques and structures to present at many different settings."

Alan Azar, Development Manager, AMP Capital  

"The presentation skills course was confronting at times, but rewarding. It was good to put the theory into practice."

Tom Fox, Portfolio Manager, Dexus

"Very detailed and practical tips for managing nerves and preparation which can be applied in many facets of life and work."

Jillian Smith, Senior Project Manager, DTF

"Worthwhile and will recommend this course to others. I enjoyed pushing boundaries and becoming more aware of presenting skills."

Emma Arkesteijn, Senior Development Manager, Development Victoria 

"The course was very structured and thought out, and it gave me life skills and nuggets that can be used immediately."

Abraham Cohen, CBA

"It's a great way to improve our presenting skills and the information provided is very helpful. I loved the practices and exercise, the honesty of the other audience and the genuine nature of the course."

Kartika Gondoboentoro, Cost Planner, Stockland

"Engaging, practical and highly effective with great take home tools. I loved the practical learning instead of just theory."

Lorenza Maiolo, Marketing Manager, Vicinity Centres

"A valuable workshop to get out of your comfort zone, with great tips and tricks and a focus on structure and prep work."

Peter Shin, Senior Business Analyst, Frasers Property Australia  

"I enjoyed the practical nature of the program and Bernadette's warm and engaging training style. A very useful, insightful and engaging workshop."

Prasanthi Saravanarhna, Organisational Development Consultant, MIRVAC 

"The Presenting for Influence course really brings you out of your comfort zone in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Giving this course a 10/10, I loved the techniques used to calm nerves, the voice range advice and the story telling section."

Jody Barnes, Asset Manager Property Investment, Toga Group

"After the Presenting for Influence training, anyone can present in public, even if you are a ‘second language’ speaker! Rating this course 10/10, I loved gaining confidence to give a speech."

Shiqian Shen, Corporate Property Manager, Vodafone

"The Presenting for Influence training is engaging and highly beneficial. It helped me to streamline the process of presenting. Rating this course 10/10, it’s a great way to practice in front of an audience."

David Elliott, Estimator, Grindley

"I highly recommend the Presenting for Influence training, with great insights and tips on public speaking. Rating this course 10/10, I loved the techniques of delivering successful presentations from a great teacher/presenter!"

Julian Menegazzo, Assistant Fund Manager, AMP Capital

"Even if you do minimal speaking in public – DO IT! This Presenting for Influence training helped build my confidence and think about the audience objective."

Darren Wood, Manager Asset Strategy & Property Management, City of Paramatta Council

"I was hesitant before coming to this presentation skills course. I had to dip into my savings for Europe, but today changed my life! It will build your self-confidence and transform your speaking. In under an hour, the room went from novices to being able to speak on the circuit! Thanks!. "

Caitlin Figueiredo, Ambassador, Alannah & Madeline Foundation

"Do yourself a favour and enrol! How enjoyable was the session? 11/10. "

Matt Eggins, Public Relations, Dept of Employment

"Dynamic, engaging, compelling content tips & tools to build confidence and clarity for impactful public speaking and presentations. I gave it a 10/10."

Natalina Morelli, Marketing Manager, Maroondah City Council

"The session is a great blueprint for how to develop and deliver at public speaking events. A must! How enjoyable was the session? 10/10"

Kelly Canavan, Accountant, Australian Taxation Office

"Bernadette’s workshop was challenging but very valuable. The personal coaching was the most useful part of the day. I rate this session 10/10."

Hugh Humphrey, General Manager, Bank Financial Management, Commonwealth Bank

"I loved that Bernadette demonstrated how we can add impact to our communications, and how it’s not just about content, but how we present physically. The personal coaching was great, and I liked the ability to have someone observe and give tangible feedback on my presentation style. I rate this session 10/10."

Lee Mowat, Executive Manager of Wealth Management, Commonwealth Bank

"Having Bernadette as a professional mentor has accelerated my confidence as a copywriter. It’s taken my mindset to a whole new level

Having Bernadette as a professional mentor has accelerated my confidence as a copywriter. Not only has it taken my mindset to a whole new level, it’s been hugely beneficial moving forward (particularly in the early stages of my career). If you’re looking to gain a competitive edge, then participating in the Dream Team is an absolute must. I can’t recommend it highly enough."

Lydia Atanasovski

"Bernadette’s Dream Team mentoring program gives you access to a wealth of resources

Bernadette’s Dream Team mentoring program gives you access to a wealth of resources that educate you on the business of copywriting and provides you with a number of proven strategies on how to make that business a reality."

Colin McDonald

"Bernadette showed me how to add copywriting as a niche to my existing VA business and now my business is booming

Five years ago, I decided to start my own home based Virtual Assistant (VA) business. I knew early on that I could do so much more than just general admin and I was told to contact Bernadette, introduced to me as the ‘Copywriting Queen’. I loved writing and I was already a ‘couch critic’ of advertising, so copywriting sounded fascinating. I enrolled in Bernadette’s course and my journey began. The course was comprehensive, easy to follow and her words of wisdom just clicked. Bernadette’s coaching helped my confidence grow and when I was selected to be on her Copywriting Dream Team, I did a happy dance around my living room. Bernadette showed me how to add Copywriting as a niche to my existing VA business. She also taught me how to ‘get out there’ and become known and as a result, my business is now booming. Thank you Bernadette, you are truly one amazing Copywriting Coach and I’m so glad our paths crossed."

Monique Bruggeman

"The course has given me both the skills and confidence to establish my own copywriting business and I am now living my passion and dream every day

I reached a point in my career where I was seeking a career change. Having owned two successful businesses, I wanted to utilise my many years of experience in business and marketing but use my passion and love for creating and writing.

After extensive research, I came across The Australian Copywriting School and knew straight away that this was the perfect course to learn copywriting skills.

I commenced the course via distance learning as it meant I didn’t have to take time off work or organise travel to Melbourne (I’m based in Sydney). But what won me over were the 10 DVDs (video of workshops), which were included in the course. You can watch each module of the course and get the same benefits as if you attended the course face to face. Cannot get much better than that!
The course material is easy to understand, gives you tonnes of examples of copywriting material and most importantly the skills and confidence to go out and be a copywriter.

Having loved the course so much, I had an even greater desire to further my knowledge and become the best copywriter I could be. What better way than to get one on one coaching from the best in the business. This is when I entered the Dream Team programme with Bernadette Schwerdt. The personal attention you receive is amazing through webinars, emails and coaching calls, as well as the opportunity of copywriting work.

The course and the Dream Team programme has given me both the skills and confidence to establish my own copywriting business and I am now living my passion and dream every day."

Bernadette Beach

"Before I had even reached the end of the course, I landed work experience in one of the biggest and well-known advertising agencies in Australia – Badjar Ogilvy!

Before I had even reached the end of the course, I landed work experience in one of the biggest and well-known advertising agencies in Australia – Badjar Ogilvy! Years later, I have worked for many of Australia’s top advertising agencies and a number of exciting small businesses. And now, as I plan to move to Asia with my partner, I’m grateful to have a career that I can pack up and take with me. Whether you are new to the advertising industry or simply want to refresh your skills, this course is a worthwhile experience."

Melissa Anderson

"Bernadette’s probing questioning skills enabled us to explore issues we would never have uncovered without her. She has an intuitive ability to see an issue from a different perspective. Our phone conversation went so quickly, but it has started our company on an amazing journey. My advice – make sure you record the conversation so you capture all her wisdom."

Sue Leslie, Senior Consultant, Communications, EndState

"From the very first call with Bernadette, I knew that the course would pay for itself many times over – and it did….more

In every coaching call I’d either learn something about: how to get new clients, how to work smarter, how to find new copywriting opportunities, how to reach my goals, or just how to live a more fulfilling life. One of the things I appreciated the most was Bernadette’s willingness to share new information with us. If she found out about a new copywriting opportunity, she would share this information immediately and give us practical and detailed advice on how to capitalise on it.

The other great benefit of being on the program was hearing the guest speakers. These speakers shared their time and wisdom as readily as Bernadette did, and their information assisted me in many areas of my business and my life.

The group coaching aspect of the program was also most beneficial because I learnt as much from the other participants as I did from Bernadette. I highly recommend the Dream Team program to any copywriter who wants to take their business to a whole new level."

Lucinda Lions

"Whether you’re a small business owner, or an aspiring copywriter, knowing how to write more than just ‘good’ copy is critical

It can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. As a scientist-turned-copywriter and small business owner, my journey started with a course at the Australian School of Copywriting.

After completing two of Bernadette’s excellent courses, I was selected as a member of her highly regarded ‘Dreamteam’ mentoring programme. And by following Bernadette’s step-by-step strategies and advice, I had my own freelance copywriting business up and running in a matter of weeks! Plus, the ongoing training and support kept me on track while giving me the knowledge and skills to take my business and writing to the next level.

More recently I’ve taken over a ‘clicks-and-mortar’ business that’s seen strong growth in the face of tough retail conditions. Put simply, I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking that first step and enrolling in a course with the Australian School of Copywriting. It’s one of the smartest decisions I’ve made."

Dr Doug Rotherham

"Being my own boss is extremely rewarding, and addictive, and it all started with the Australian School of Copywriting.

The copywriting course at The Australian School of Copywriting set me on a new path to being a full time business owner and copywriter. Bernadette’s course gave me the solid foundations I needed to become a very proficient copywriter and the confidence to be my own boss. If you are looking for a career change or to increase your copywriting skill set, I highly recommend courses provided by The Australian School of Copywriting."

Belinda Weaver

"I left the banking industry, completed your course and happily haven’t looked back since

Although banking paid extremely well and I had an amazing lifestyle, travelling to different parts of the globe on a regular basis, I wasn’t happy. I would log on to your site from wherever I was working at that particular time, and read the testimonies of people who had completed your course and made the change. It was inspiring stuff!

As soon as I had made that decision I started to think and believe that maybe there was a way out and light at the end of the tunnel. A way to have the lifestyle I desired and to enjoy the work that I really wanted to do.

I left the banking industry and completed your course and happily haven’t looked back since. I now spend my time travelling between my home in Penang, Malaysia and discovering Asia when I’m in-between copywriting assignments.

The course opened my mind to so many industries and I find it easy to switch in-between industries when assignments come along.

Thank to you and your course I now live the life that I have always wanted to live and I get paid for it too! Oh, did I mention that I’m happy!"

Keith Hockton

Book Reviews and Impressions

"A must for anyone contemplating an online business. The entrepreneurs Bernadette has interviewed offer a wealth of information that you'd normally pay a lot of money to receive."

Ed, Melbourne

"Delighted to have been able to provide a little input in this book. Well done Bernadette Schwerdt, an easy and informative read!"

Jane Huxley, Pandora Radio

"I seriously LOVE this book!"

Booktopia review

"I loved the tips, the well thought out flow of 'how to' and how inspired I felt after reading it!"

Booktopia review

"Bernadette has researched the online market thoroughly and has interviewed some of the key players in this field and shared their knowledge. I have gotten some great new ideas and also confirmed that some of the things our company do is on the right path"

Susie from Gold Coast, QLD

"I seriously LOVE this book. So much insight into how to run a business online and hearing it from the best of the best. The best book I have bought for my business."

Dee from Cairns

"I seriously LOVE this book!"

Booktopia review

"Fantastically helpful for start up entrepreneurs and ones who've been at it for a while too!
Not your usual, run of the mill, same old formulas for success rehashed, book. This is an interesting insight into some of the best modern day business minds. Funny, interesting and a pleasure to read.

Easy to understand and not full of technical mumbo jumbo.

Loved it!!"

SK from Melbourne

"I read this book on my recent holiday so I could see how these Entrepreneurs turned their ideas into a reality. I always have ideas but the little voices tell 'they're stupid'! This book showed me that the best Entrepreneurs all had doubts, but pushed through them to create multi-million dollar businesses. It's never too late to start. A great read, with humour and very insightful stories."

Mon from Melbourne, AU

"Delighted to have been able to provide a little input in this book. Well done Bernadette Schwerdt, an easy and informative read!"

Jane Huxley, Pandora Radio

"First and foremost, Bernadette Schwerdt is a story-teller. She's a great writer. Most business books are the literally equivalent of porridge. They're healthy for you but drudgery to read. That's not the case with Online Secrets. It's packed wisdom, anecdotes and distills the insights of market leaders into one resource. But, better than that, it's a real page turner. I consumed this book like it was a fine meal. (And I plan to give away a few copies to aspiring online entrepreneurs too. It's that good.)"

James Tuckerman, Anthill Online

"Bernadette's business experience shows in her writing style and how she's presented the info, including the topics she has chosen. It is refreshing to read a business book that gets to the point and is very real world focused. Well worth getting."

David Lennon, Business Coach

"It's eloquent, sharp and funny. This author is infectiously passionate about her subject and has a keen sense of curiosity. It's well-structured and packed with anecdotes, real life examples and experience from those 'making it happen' online. If only all business books were this engaging to read."

Emmaj, Wellington NZ

"As the host of Fairfax TV's Business Talk Show, Bernadette Schwerdt has been in a unique position to capture the best practices from some of the most successful Australian entrepreneurs. She conveyed them in a very approachable how-to guide. I would highly recommend this book as a must read for any aspiring entrepreneur across the globe. If you have an idea, want to start a technology company, read Bernadette's book first. It will save you lots of time and frustrations and help you learn from the best."

Maciej Kranz, San Jose, California, US

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it's a great journey into the minds of some of our country's great self-made business people and how they've succeeded in a massively changing marketplace. A lot of books provide inspiration on starting an online business: this is one of the first books I've read that both inspires AND educates."

The Hawk, Melbourne

"I loved the tips, the well thought out flow of 'how to' and how inspired I felt after reading it!"

She wrote the book she wanted to read, NSW

"Inspiring read with easy, practical ideas. Even made me LOL! It gets you off your chair thinking about ideas to start your own online business. Anyone can do it!"

Helen, Melbourne

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