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Online Marketing for SMEs and Startups

Online marketing can propel your business to unprecedented success – if only you knew what ‘digital marketing’ meant!
Get the 101 basics guide to making digital marketing work
for your business.

Is technology helping you market your business or hindering it?

Are you keeping up with the latest tech-tools, tips and techniques that can turn a small business into a very large business, very quickly? Your competitors are using these tools and making a fortune spending very little. You can do the same if only knew what to do! Discover the 5-step process to building an online marketing plan that will take the guesswork out and put the frameworks in.

Delegates will learn how to:
  • Use little known but powerful tech tools that will automate your marketing and client acquisition process
  • Find out how successful their competitors’ websites are (and snaffle traffic from them – legally)
  • Access web developers, graphic designers, photographers for a fraction of the usual cost (and get a greater result than before)
  • Leverage social influencers to get your product in front of thousands of prospects (for as little as $300) and generate instant customers
  • Become a social influencer and have people pay you to do what you love

In this presentation, Bernadette leverages the knowledge she’s gleaned from interviewing over 100 high-profile entrepreneurs from Australia’s most successful startups – Uber, Booktopia, Appliances Online, Vinomofo, Showpo, Canva and Thankyou - and synthesises those insights and strategies into a practical 5-step process that that any SME, leader or entrepreneur can use to massively improve their online marketing efforts.


"Bernadette provided down to earth examples on what was possible."
John Beecroft

"This is the best session I've been to in ages. Bernadette was knowledgeable, approachable, well prepared and great to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
Kelly Holcroft, Project Officer - Funds Executives Association Ltd

"Brilliant! I can take tools, techniques and templates straight back to the office and use immediately."
Josie Gruber, Events Manager - Australian Dental Association (NSW)

"This seminar was most insightful and provided some ideas that could be followed up on for my business."
Debra Nellessen, Mineral Medics