Chatting to Gary and Darren on The Mojo Radio Show, they picked my brain about the entrepreneurial mindset needed to run an online business. 

Here's some of what we covered: 

  • The book opens by talking about how quickly things are changing. Do we actually understand how quick?
  • Why many leaders have their head in the sand?
  • Effective ways to test an idea
  • The term being an entrepreneur has become cool. Why is it different from old school "I’m starting a business?"
  • What is the entrepreneurial mindset we require to create an online business?
  • What is the dialogue in the mind of an entrepreneur?
  • Is it much harder to start a business today than 10 years ago?
  • Minimum Viable Product, MVP
  • “What is the next big thing” is the wrong question. What is the right question?
  • Where does gut feel fit into the entrepreneur mindset? When should you really trust your gut?
  • The Wall of No
  • Words can make a difference. Do we place enough importance on our words on a website, brochure, or post?
  • What changes when you say I am a writer, or I am a copywriter?
  • Should I create my own website?
  • How to know you have a good web developer
  • What is the typical hiccup people face with their websites?
  • Are we sceptical of ideas, products and offers when we see brands using influencers to entice us?
  • What is the value of PR today as a form of marketing?